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  •  Love Fur Dogs is a small family owned business run by Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins, International Certified Master Groomer.
    Jennifer was one of the first handful of people in the nation to attain the coveted title of Certified Master Groomer (CMG) back in the 1980’s. Jennifer gained her dog expertise and commitment to excellence in the dog show community. She has shown dogs in both conformation and obedience in several breeds including German Shepherd Dogs, Standard and Miniature Poodles, Cocker Spaniels, and Australian Shepherds. Jennifer also bred Himalayan cats for years. She brings almost four decades of experience as a pet professional. She is a published author and columnist in national groomer and local pet magazines. The year after Love Fur Dogs opened, Chicago Magazine and the Chicago Tribune named her the Best Dog Groomer in Chicagoland.

    Singing for churchJennifer was born in Evanston and raised in Winnetka, Illinois. She and her husband Bill Jenkins now live in Northfield and are active residents in the North Shore community. Jennifer is a retired award-winning career high school Social Studies teacher who went on to work as a nationally respected advocate against violence and for crime victims. Jennifer led the effort to amend the Illinois Constitution in 2014 for increased legal protections for crime victims’ rights called “Marsy’s Law” and still works nationally in that movement.  Jennifer loves music and is active in the Choir at Kenilworth Union Church. Jennifer owned her own grooming shop in another state, and has taught at three other grooming schools nationally in the last four decades. Jennifer is widely noted for her excellent grooming and teaching skills when helping her staff and customers. Her broad knowledge, masterful artistry, and her flexibility and attention to detail in grooming; as well as her experienced wise and gentle handling with all her pet clients, is what brings customers back over and over to Love Fur Dogs.

    Bill Jenkins, co-owner and Business Manager, is a tenured Professor at Dominican University and an award-winning author. Bill is also a life-long dog lover who has volunteered in dog rescue for many years, and is a bird expert. Bill runs the business and also can fix just about anything Love Fur Dogs needs fixed. He adores our canine clients and enjoys greeting them in the lobby whenever he can. One of Bill and Jennifer’s favorite hobbies is to show their Miniature Poodles, especially their new Champion Bowie. Jennifer and Bill are seen here singing with their oldest, Max Jenkins, at the Blessing of the Animals Christmas Service at Kenilworth Union Church. They have two children, Max and Amanda. Max is now living and working in California with her poodle Tali. Amanda is an up and coming groomer who is also a hard-working college student attending Dominican University where she is studying Environmental Science.

    We are PROUD to boast a very multi-lingual staff!


    Our Groomers are Jennifer, Veronica, Kara, Stephenie, and Amanda.

    Veronica is a talented Certified Professional Groomer beloved among our staff and clientele for her wisdom and constancy, her incredible gentle treatment of all our clients, her hard work and loving devotion, and her deep knowledge and memory about all our clients. Veronica owns Yorkies and other little haircut dogs. Love Fur Dogs counts ourselves lucky to have a person of Veronica’s caliber on our team. Veronica is pictured with Linda Easton, President of International Professional Pet Groomers, Inc, being awarded her IPG certification in 2016.














    Amanda grooms part time while in college. She has been caring for animals all her life since childhood. Training for two careers, she is an animal lover to her very core. The baby boxer kiss, pictured below, from adorable Clara below shows Amanda doing what she loves with the cherished clients at Love Fur Dogs.











    Kara trained under Jennifer briefly some years ago at a grooming school where Jennifer taught, and went on to several successful years grooming in Wisconsin and Chicago. So we are thrilled she has joined the team! Kara is a very talented groomer who is devoted to her work with your beloved pets. Kara is a true artist. She owns a beautiful silver miniature Poodle “Puff” and a stunning young show-bred Afghan named Saffron – breeds which show her love of good grooming. Kara’s dedication to excellence in the grooming profession is inspirational and we are so proud of the good work she will be doing on your dogs!













    One of our newest groomers is Stephenie, who we were very lucky to have come join us. Stephenie is already certified by the National Dog Groomers Association of America, and has a personal goal to become a leader in the grooming profession. She competes in dog grooming contests. She is getting married in the fall of 2017 and we are so happy for her!












    Hana and Senaida, long time Love Fur Dogs bathing and reception staff, are also training under Jennifer’s careful hand to become groomers and you will see them more and more involved in actual haircuts.  Below you see Hana proud of grooming the beautiful Kendall all by herself!


















    Our groomers and bathers show great care for your pets placed in our arms, and we are blessed to have them at Love Fur Dogs.







    Our extraordinarily dedicated bathing and drying staff includes Tiffany, Kateryna, Lauren, Kristen, Hana, Senaida, and Ryan. They are especially gifted in the application of our many therapeutic treatments that we provide for customers with skin and coat problems.

    Our friendly front desk staff includes Sara, Hana, and Senaida who will check you in and out with efficiency and care.

    Our dedicated and expert staff specializes in catering to the individual needs of your pet.