• Grand Champion Deagra Divine Turn & Face The Change At Forestway “Bowie”!!

  • One of Love Fur Dogs’ most popular “attractions” is our little guy “Bowie” – born in Bill and Jennifer Jenkins’ home in Northfield, Illinois in May 2016. This gorgeous Miniature Poodle, bred by Denise Agre-Gill of Deagra Poodles of Missouri, and Matthew Hoaglund of Morris, Illinois, finished his Championship at a mere 9 months of age – pretty extraordinary by any measure in the dog show world!

    Love Fur Dogs’ owners Bill and Jennifer Jenkins put up the Bowie Wall of Honor in the lobby and are busting at the seams proud of their handsome boy now finished for his Grand Championship.

    When he turned a year old in May 2017 he was put into his AKC-required Continental cut for his adult show career. He was more than half way to his Grand Championship already while still a puppy. Pretty cool. We’ve been having such fun with our only boy, whose greatest joy remains the endless hours he will play chase and retrieve the tennis ball. Ball is life for Bowie!

    Bowie loves to hang out with his mom Mariah and his Auntie Tali at Love Fur Dogs – they can be seen any day he is not out on the dog show circuit.  Here is his proud mother – Champion Solace’s Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel at Deagra “Mariah” who is Jennifer’s best buddy on four legs.

    Mom Mariah is a Champion, and Bowie’s sire “Kenny” is a Grand Champion. Bowie’s GrandSire is a Best in Show winner. So we are very proud of our handsome boy. Bowie is a pistol, that’s for sure.

    Groomed by breeder/handler extraordinaire Matt Hoaglund for the show ring, but the rest of the time by Jennifer and handled by dad Bill sometimes . . .Bill put one of his major point wins and one of his minor point wins on him as well.

    Love Fur Dogs is proud to groom several current and former Champions and show dogs. Jennifer and Bill own Forestway Kennels and have titled Australian Shepherds as well. Jennifer formerly showed and bred German Shepherd Dogs, Cocker Spaniels, Boxers, and Standard Poodles.

    We KNOW how not to screw up the groom on a dog if they are being shown – we show ourselves.

    We groom several current and former show dogs at Love Fur Dogs as well: retired Champion Schnauzers, Golden Retrievers and a Lab currently being shown, and the most gorgeous talented Clumber Spaniels that show not only in conformation but in field trials as well. We groomed a gorgeous Giant Schnauzer until she passed of old age who was once the number 6 ranked show dog in her breed in the nation. After retirement, she was a service dog to a man who has a hearing disability. And there are many others…We are proud of our expertise and our clientele!

    The best part of this news is that the high quality skill that is required to groom a show dog is also being applied to YOUR pet every single day at Love Fur Dogs!