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    March 3, 2014

    Love Fur Dogs has been in the planning stages since early in 2013. Now, April 2014, we are finally realizing our family's dream and opening our doors in the Hubbard Woods Plaza. Opening a new start-up small business is not easy - its a lot of hard [...]

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    What Our Name Means To Us

    Love Fur Dogs is not just a cute name for our new business, it has a deep meaning for our family. I think all of us have personal stories that affirm what most human beings know to be true - that Love is the most important thing in the world. Most [...]

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    Certified Master Groomer - Opening a New Pet Grooming Business

    NAMI CCNS Board Member Jennifer Bishop Jenkins is opening a new pet grooming business that will also contain a vocational school welcoming the differently abled. Love Fur Dogs will open on or about April 1, 2014, at 69 Green Bay Rd, Glencoe, in the [...]

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