• Free and Reduced Charges for Service Dogs

  • We take very seriously the mission implied in our name. We want to be of service to the dogs that are of service to us. We have made a commitment to provide a portion of our business resources to give back to the community. We will provide free and very low cost services to the dogs in our community who do so much for us.

    We hope everyone will help spread the word about this free service to anyone you know that works with professional service dogs.

    All Law Enforcement dogs, Search and Rescue Dogs, Drug Detection or Airport Security Dogs will receive free grooming during their working lives at our grooming shop Love Fur Dogs. Any Certified Therapy Dogs, Guide and Service Dogs, and those training to be service dogs, will receive a free first groom and, after that, half price grooming. Just show us the paperwork documenting their service status.

    We have seen first hand the life-saving and transformative help and service these dogs and their handlers and trainers provide to the community. You are ALL our heroes!

    We also want to support the adoption of homeless pets from the many wonderful Shelters in our community. If you adopt a dog or cat from a not-for-profit animal shelter, bring us your paperwork within 10 days of the adoption and we will give you a free first grooming. We want to support and encourage everyone to give a Forever Home to a homeless shelter pet. No one deserves to die unwanted or to live their life out in a cage.

    Another special population that we want to give special service to are the very young – puppies under 16 weeks of age.

    Anyone buying a new puppy, bring it to us for a first grooming after the second round of shots, but before it turns 6 months old. You, too, will receive a free grooming. It is SO important that young puppies get socialized to the sights, sounds, smells, and the feel of the grooming shop experience. We promise that we will make the first grooming experience completely non-traumatic. Your new four-legged family member will have more a learning experience, with full emphasis on training the young puppy to enjoy a lifetime of grooming experiences.

    We are confident that once you see what we can do for your dog, we will have a customer for life.