• Cat Grooming

  • Jennifer and staff are knowledgeable cat groomers with decades of experience. Jennifer is a member of the Professional Cat Groomers Association of America and has trained under national leaders in cat grooming. Jennifer was a long-time Himalayan cat breeder as well and has become a go-to cat groomer – one of the few on the North Shore.

    Cat grooming is entirely different than dog grooming and requires a specialized approach. Their coat and skin is nothing like that of a dog, needing unique tools and products. Quiet is best – early in the day at Love Fur Dogs  – before the shop is filled with dogs. We bath them in warm, safe-feeling buckets and know all the best products specially suited to their thin skin and thick coats.

    We also happily make local house calls to do their nails.

    Long-haired cat breeds are not usually able to groom themselves thoroughly.  They mat and tangle easily and retain dirt and debris more readily. Few owners are able to effectively groom them as thoroughly as we can. We require that they be groomed professionally every two to three months or so.

    Declawing cats has now been more fully understood – we now know that it will disable a cat for life and is not recommended as a humane option. We carry glue-on gel nail caps that can protect your furniture. And we can clip their nails whenever you call for a mere $10. Frequent nail trims work well to protect your home.

    Love Fur Dogs is known for the ways we cater to special needs. We know all cats do not like to be groomed.  We know how to work with their special behavioral concerns.

    Cats also thrive with our special spa and microbubble treatments. We have even saved more than one family from the after-effects of a skunk spray attack!