• Thera-Clean Microbubble Technology

  • This amazing new technology is now available EXCLUSIVELY at Love Fur Dogs!

    The only Thera-Clean microbubble machine anywhere for hundreds of miles is HERE at Love Fur Dogs! This stunningly effective new technology is so gentle, so natural – just water and air – delivered in a gentle bubble wash. The microscopic bubbles actually penetrate deep into the skin, inside hair follicles and pores, to lift out allergens, dander, fungus, bacteria, skunk, and other problems. We have seen already among our clients virtual cures of skin and coat issues that have plagued some of our beloved clients for painful years!

    New customers are already traveling from far away just to get this transformative treatment. Highly affordable, especially when compared to years of discomfort for your pet and expensive medical procedures that don’t solve the problem deep inside the skin.

    Here is a diagram that shows how it works:

    So gentle – only water and air – the enzymes in the water break up the sebum crust that normal shampoos cannot penetrate – and then sends very tiny charged bubbles inside the follicles and pores to attach themselves to dander, allergens, fungus, bacteria, and any other problem in the skin.

    See “Before and After” pictures of a Beagle we cured of horrible skin problems.